Online Auction FAQ

  • How do I register to bid online for the auction?

Go to the website and click the top left login/new bidder and Register Here. Once you have an account with HiBid, go to the auction of your choice and find the Register to Bid green button under the auction.

  • Why do I need to have a credit card number on file?

A credit card is required to finish registration in case a winning bidder fails to pay for items.

  • How do I know if I was the winning bidder of an item?

Be looking for an invoice to be emailed to you from 4C Land & Auction, LLC.

  • Do I have to pay with a credit card?

No, you do not have to pay with a credit card. If you will be picking up your items, you may pay with cash or check.

  • When and where do I pick up my item(s)?

Following the auction, winning bidders will receive an invoice with the address and times for pickup.

  • Can my item(s) be shipped?

Yes, shipping is available on smaller items.  If you have any doubt an item can be shipped, contact the auction company.  Buyers will be charged a $5 handling fee along with shipping fees from the UPS Store. The UPS Store will contact the buyer with shipping options and get payment prior to shipping.

  • What is a soft close?

Auctions will have a time designated as a “soft close”. At that time the lots will begin to sell in order at 20 second intervals. However, the time a lot is open is extended every time a new bid is made. A lot set to sell at 5:20 could end up finally selling at 6:00 if bids are continuing to be made on the lot. Pay close attention to the timer under each lot to know when it will close/sell.

  • How do I know if I have the high bid on an item?

The lot should be outlined in green and read WINNING if you have the high bid. It will be outlined in red and read OUTBID if you do not have the current high bid.

  • Can I put in a max bid for an item?

Yes, you can put in a larger/maximum bid on any item. The bid amount will not reflect that bid unless other bidders put in bids up to that amount. Tie bids do occur and are rewarded to the first person to enter the bid.  For example, 2 people but in a max bid of $20, the person who entered $20 first will be awarded the bid when it closes.

  • Do you charge a Buyer’s Premium?

A 10 percent buyer’s premium will be added to each item selling.  Example: if you purchase an item for $100, at check out your total invoice will be $110.

Feel free to call if you have any additional questions or need help setting up your account!

Cody Miller – 785-533-3300